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Marketing Development Group is a full-service marketing and technology company whose focus is bringing your products and services to those who can best utilize them.  Our connections with major corporations in technology fields allow us to bring your products the attentions of the right principals.  Our own technical experience can assist you in completing development of your product and envision creative use of that product.






RxAnalyzer™ and Group One                                           

 Long Island, New York – Bob Duggan, President of Rx Analyzer, Inc., Long Island, New York, and Bill Gordon, President of Group One, Inc., Montgomery, Alabama, announce the formation of a joint venture partnership between their respective companies.

 RxAnalyzer™, (www.rxanalyzer.com) is a proprietary PBM auditing system that is designed to analyze millions of pharmacy claims on a claim-by-claim basis, in order to assist customers maximize its Pharmacy Benefit Program. Group One is a national marketing organization active in global markets and assists clients in reaching target markets.

 “We, at Rx Analyzer, are very excited to enter this joint venture with Group One, and have already experienced significant success”, stated Bob Duggan. Bill Gordon added, “This joint venture puts both companies in a position to succeed by allowing each entity to concentrate on its specific strengths.”

Asbury Newton and Group One

Atlanta, Georgia – Asbury Newton, Atlanta, Georgia, and Group One, Montgomery, Alabama, have formed a strategic partnership.  Group One will promote the highly specialized services of Mark Newton regarding Structured Settlements.

 Asbury Newton (www.asburynewton.com) has earned a national reputation for trusted advice, combining strong financial backgrounds with meticulous attention and service to their clients.

Imobile Lottery, Inc. and Group One

Studio City, California – Imobile Lottery, Inc. announced today that the company had entered into an exclusive Marketing Agreement with Group One to promote the proprietary services of Imobile.

Imobile, (www.itsonmobile.com), develops cellular telephone applications and solutions, which enable cellular phone users to purchase lottery tickets using their mobile telephones. At a recent meeting in Washington, D.C., Group One, with its national consultants, presented a plan to assist all lottery states in expanding lottery penetration by use of Imobile technology.

Group One Biometrics, Inc.

Bellevue, Washington – John Deal, President of Alta Consulting, (www.altaconsulting.com), and Bill Gordon, President of Group One, Inc., announce the formation of a new company, Group One Biometrics, Inc.(www.grouponebiometrics.com).

Alta Consulting Services, Inc. is a specialty electronic system planning, design and installation management and commissioning firm. ACSI also provides cost estimating, project management, installation administration, proof of performance testing, commissioning failure analysis and other forensic/expert witness service.

Group One Biometrics will focus on electronic access control devices to positively authenticate a person’s identity seeking access to virtually any medium (buildings, medical records, credit cards, etc.), using a new generation of patented technology.